Features every small business website must have! – HEADER

most effective features of

When it comes to a Small Business Website, everyone must know there are certain things are must when you make it.

In this blog we will give you an idea of making a small business website or if you are having a small business and want to build a website, than this blog is most important for you.

Let’s start with Header:

  1. Domain Name: Your domain name should be easy to remember and for more convenience you should keep it shortdomain name
  2. Logo: Logo is a brand identity of your business. It should be clean and unique. Logo with a good icon will make it more effectiveLogo of siminfox
  3. Tagline: your business tagline represents your nature of business and you might aware of many big brands with their unique taglines. i.e. Nike – Just do it, LG – life’s good, McDonalds – I’m lovin’ it, Canon – Delighting you always, Sony – make. Believe, SIMINFOX – INSIGHTFUL ELUCIDATION many moretagline
  4. Phone Number: You should mention your contact number on a header so that any customer wants can call you instantlyPHONE NUMBER
  5. Call to action button: If you have mentioned phone number than call to action button will help your customer to click and call directly through their mobile phone.call to action
  6. Top Navigation/Menu bar: Your top navigation should be small and easy to read to your visitors which will help visitors reaching their interest within your websiteSIMINFOX MENU
  7. Bread crumb Navigation: For easy understanding your website should have Bread crumb navigation on all the web pages you have in your website.BREAD CRUMB NAVIGATION

So that’s all from the Header, we will let you know more on this in our next blog. Till then keep reading our blogs on https://siminfox.wordpress.com and get services from http://www.siminfox.com

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